Winter Dressage 2018/19

Unaffiliated Winter Dressage Show Information

ODRC Winter Dressage Sponsored by Naylors Equestrian


Fairness Policy – Important

This show series is setup to afford riders the opportunity to bring themselves and their mounts on and keep active in the competitive sense during the winter. There is the bonus of prizes at series end to reward those who take part. We have within our dressage rules criteria for entries which affords a level playing field for all.


There will be four classes during the series, an Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary.
Number of shows
There will be four shows running Oct 14th, Nov 18th 2018 and 24th March and 21st April 2019

Entering Classes

We strongly recommend that you compete in a class that suits you and your mount, we do not expect to see riders who have competed at a higher level competing in lower classes. Please keep in mind that this does not prevent you from entering a lower class and moving up a class, you can enter two classes if you wish, we just want a level playing field from the onset.
With this in mind, for Class 1 and 2: If you have been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a higher class in 2018 you cannot enter classes 1 and 2 unless H/C.


There is an opportunity to enter the series as a team. Teams should be made up of four riders, one horse can be ridden by a different rider in a maximum of two tests. You can enter any class, the top three scores from your team members are calculated and subsequently entered into the team league table.

The Series League Tables

When you enter the winter dressage series you will be entered into the winter dressage league tables.

Juniors and seniors will have a separate league table.

There will be a league table for teams.

How You Score Points

Test Score Points

58.00 – 59.99%- 1 point

60.00 – 61.99% – 2 points

62.00 – 63.99% – 3 points

64.00 – 65.99% – 4 points

66.00 – 67.99% – 5 points

68.00 – 69.99% – 6 points

70.00 – 71.99% – 7 points

72.00% and above – 8 points

Placing points
Points will also be awarded for placings

1st place – 3 points
2nd place – 2 points
3rd place – 1 point

  1. If you enter two classes, the highest points from one class are used for the league table.
  2. No points are awarded for the usual club points system, this is a standalone system.
  3. League tables will be presented on the O&DRC website and will be updated after each show.
  4. Points are calculated for a horse rider combination.
  5. At series end, if there are ties with points, we will use the collectives from the three shows used to calculate points. In this case the rider with the highest collectives will be given the place. If this still results in a tie then the placing will be tied.


All riders from all classes will compete to win the series champion and the series reserve champion, prizes being awarded to both champions and reserve champions. The rider who gains the most points during the series wins the championship. There will be a champion and reserve champion for both seniors and juniors based on the league tables. You must enter at least three of the four shows to qualify, this will be adjusted if shows are cancelled. There will also be a team championship.

H/C Entries

We are in essence a grassroots club, as there are no restricted classes in the winter dressage we have set some entry guidelines. If you are affected by the limitations set within the dressage rules then we welcome H/C entries. The usual H/C rules apply with regards to placings and awards, if the show is oversubscribed H/C entries will have to be relinquished.

Dressage Rules

1. Junior and senior riders will be split in the Intro and Prelim classes but will be combined in the Novice and Elementary classes.

2. It is the competitor’s own responsibility to obtain copies of dressage tests from British Dressage (see

3. If the horse and rider partnership has affiliated dressage points they may not enter an Intro or Prelim class.

4. These rules may change subject to the event organiser, riders will be informed.

5. A junior is a competitor who is under 18 on 1st Oct 2018 and will remain a junior until series end in April 2019.

6. Please be advised that O&DRC Junior rules differ, this rule is pertinent to the winter dressage series only.

7. Tack and turnout in accordance with BD guidelines.

8. Callers are allowed for all tests, ODRC cannot guarantee callers will be available on the day, if they are on site, competitors can request assistance through the show organiser.

Dressage League Prizes

Individual Champions and reserve champions will receive a rosette, sash and a prize at series end.

Series Senior Champion – £25 Naylors Equestrian Voucher

Series Junior Champion – £25 Naylors Equestrian Voucher

Series Senior Reserve Champion – Naylors Equestrian £15 Voucher

Series Junior Reserve Champion – Naylors Equestrian £15 Voucher

Team Champions – £10 – Naylors Equestrian Voucher to each rider

Cancellation and Refunds

If a show is cancelled, refunds will be given, or your entry will be carried forward to the next show, please indicate your option in the comments area of the booking cart. Refunds will not be given for no shows or for notification of no show less than 24 hours prior to the show, so minimum 09:00 Sat prior to show start. Refunds will be given within the cut off period on production of a vet’s notice.

Liability and Loss

Unfortunately, neither the Organisers nor the persons acting on behalf of ODRC accept liability for any loss, damage, accident, injury or illness to competitors, spectators or any person or property whatsoever. The Organisers of this event have taken reasonable precautions to insure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the Organisers and all the Officials and Stewards at all times.


We use the Club Website, Club FB Page, Email, Twitter and Text Messages to keep you informed. Due to the winter weather there is always a possibility of cancellation, the primary method of immediate communication will be via text message, so please do supply a mobile telephone number during your booking.

We will also be trailing an online results system that will update scores during the event. The scores will be available to view on the day

If you have a data connection you can view the scores and results online on your mobile device!

Come and see me on the day if you need assistance.


Information provided for the purpose of the event is used solely for the event, please view ODRC’s Privacy Policy here

Classes and Tests

During the 4-show series we will use the following tests:

Show One 14/10/18

Class 1 – Intro B (2009)

Class 2 – Prelim 1 (2006)

Class 3 – Novice 30 (2006)

Class 4 – Elementary 42 (2008)

Show Two 18/11/18

Class 1 – Intro C (2016)

Class 2 – Prelim 7 (2002)

Class 3 – Novice 27 (2007)

Class 4 – Elementary 44 (2002)

Show Three Mar 2019

Class 1 – Intro B (2009)

Class 2 – Prelim 1 (2006)

Class 3 – Novice 30 (2006)

Class 4 – Elementary 42 (2008)

Show Four Apr 2019

Class 1 – Intro C (2016)

Class 2 – Prelim 7 (2002)

Class 3 – Novice 27 (2007)

Class 4 – Elementary 44 (2002)

How to book your test(s)

Online entries only.
Entries close Wednesday prior to the event, times will be available Friday.
We do not charge a fee for booking online!

Entry Fees

Members £10 and Non-Members £13 (BRC Members and SDPC members £10, proof of membership required)
Team entry £2.

Placings & Rosettes

Juniors and seniors will be placed separately in the Intro and Prelim classes but will be combined in the Novice and Elementary classes
Rosettes will be awarded on the day up to 6th place.

Showground Etiquette

1. Please ensure you clean the area around your trailer/horsebox of droppings, litter and hay prior to departure. Tools are available as is an area for the disposal of droppings.

2. Do not drive past the arena during a test.

3. No trotting past the arena during a test.

4. If adjacent to the arena do not load or unload during a test.


Objections must be made in writing to the Show Secretary within 30 minutes of the alleged incident together with a fee of £10.00. If the objection is upheld this fee will be refunded.

ODRC Rules

Further information about the rules connected with our events can be found at


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Organiser Contact Info

Contact: Mark Prior

Tel: 07759 870702