NLG Winter Dressage Teams

Final Teams and individual entries for the NLG Winter Dressage are:

Team One Novice Group
Prelim 2 Sandra Thomas-Coles (Confirmed)
Prelim 7 Catherine Hughes (Confirmed)
Novice 24 Katherine Wild (Confirmed)
Novice 30 Amber Rhyann Crabtree Hulley (Confirmed)

Team Two Novice Group
Prelim 2 Helen Johnson (Confirmed)
Prelim 7 Tamara Lee Howard (Confirmed)
Novice 24 Elizabeth Rudd Kershaw (Confirmed)
Novice 30 Carly Turnbull (Confirmed)

Team Three Novice Group
Prelim 2 Gill Scott (Confirmed)
Prelim 7 Emma Ross (Confirmed)
Novice 24 Mark Prior (Confirmed)
Novice 30 Emma Claire Stewart (Confirmed)

Team Four Intermediate Group
Prelim 13 Helana Tyrrell (Confirmed)
Novice 28 Cathy Heaven (Confirmed)
Novice 34 Hayley Baker (Confirmed)
Elementary 42 Jess Hyde (Confirmed)

Prelim 2 Livs Prior (Confirmed)


Heather Howe

All competitors will need to ensure that their horses vaccinations are up to date and that their hats conform to BRC Hat standards. There will be entry form to complete shortly.