Winter Dressage 2017/18

O&DRC Winter Dressage series is Sponsored by Naylors Equestrian.Winter Dressage Sponsors


The club will be holding a four-show winter dressage league commencing 22nd Oct, followed by 19th Nov, 18th Mar and 15th April. There will be limited places available due to the amount daylight we have during winter. This series of shows will end with a championship presentation for the top 2 in each class. Please see the league table info to understand how this will be decided.


Fairness Policy – Important
We are running this series to allow riders to bring themselves and/or their ponies/horses on, if your pony/horse is competing above Elementary level, then realistically this is not for you.

  • We encourage rider and pony/horse combinations competing Restricted Intro up to Novice.
  • Entries will be scrutinised prior to the event, if it transpires that the organisers feel the rider and pony/horse combination is punching below their weight the organisers will have the last say in the eligibility of the combination.

Entries and Cost
The cost for the entries will be £10 for members and £12 for non-members. Team entries will be an additional £2 per rider per class.

All entries will be taken online only.
No postal, email or verbal entries will be accepted, this is to simplify the booking system.

Due to the nature of the series only two entries per rider-horse combination will be allowed at each show. If there are still places available two weeks before the show, these will be offered out and an additional class may be entered H/C.

A reader is provided by the club if required, this will be an additional £1.

Cancellation and refunds
If a show is cancelled, refunds will be given, or your entry will be carried forward to the next show. If possible, we will try to arrange replacement dates for any cancelled shows. If the last show is cancelled, due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control, refunds will be given. Unfortunately no refunds will be given if you don’t turn up on the day.

During the four-show series we will use a selection of tests to cover a variety of the moves you may be expected to execute when competing at this level. In the first two shows we will offer Intro, Prelim and Novice tests, in the final show Elementary will also be available for those members wishing to have a go at the next level. Elementary will not be part of the championship. Members may only enter consecutive classes i.e. Class 1 and 2 or 2 and 3.

The first show (22nd October 2017) will have the following classes:
Class 1 – Intro A (2008)
Class 2 – Prelim 1 (2006)
Class 3 – Prelim 7 (2002)
Class 4 – Novice 27 (2007)

The second show (19th November 2017) will have the following classes:
Class 1 – Intro C (2016)
Class 2 – Prelim 2 (2016)
Class 3 – Prelim 18 (2002)
Class 4 – Novice 30 (2006)

The third show (18th March 2018) will have the following classes:
Class 1 – Intro B (2009)
Class 2 – Prelim 13 (2006)
Class 3 – Prelim 14 (2006)
Class 4 – Novice 28 (2008)

The fourth show (15th April 2018) will have the following classes:
Class 1 – Intro C (2016)
Class 2 – Prelim 18 (2002)
Class 3 – Prelim 12 (2005)
Class 4 – Novice 34 (2009)
Class 5 – Elementary 44 (2002)

Each class will have placings 1 – 6, rosettes will be awarded. Classes will be split between juniors and seniors if there are more than six junior entries, otherwise classes will be combined.

A championship league will be set up from show one, the following applies:

  1. Competitors must enter at least three shows to qualify for the end of season championship.
  2. Competitors will only be able to compete in one class for the championship (1-4), this must be nominated on the booking form, once you have nominated a class your name will be added to the winter dressage championship league table. The latest time to nominate your championship class is prior to the Nov show.
  3. The % scores will be calculated over the four shows, the highest %’s over three shows will be used to calculate the championship. i.e. your best three scores in your nominated championship class over the series.
  4. At the end of the season there will be a champion and reserve champion per class.
  5. No points are awarded for the usual club points system, this is a stand-alone system.
  6. The championship will be split between juniors and seniors if the majority of the shows were split between sections and the classes were not combined (3/4)
  7. League tables will be available to view on our main website under the winter dressage section.
  8. Prizes, sashes and championship rosettes will be presented to the champion and reserve champion at the final show.

There will be also be an overall team league.

  • Teams will consist of four members and may compete in any combination of classes at each show. An example is; Four team members compete in prelim or two may compete in prelim and two in intro.
  • Teams must enter a minimum of three shows to qualify
  • The top three results of each team in each show will calculated (only one result may count for each member of the team if multiple classes are entered). The % scores will be calculated over the four shows, the highest three %’s from three shows will be used.
  • Team entry fees will be £2 per rider per class.
  • Prize and rosettes will be awarded to the winning team at the final show.
  • Teams need to be nominated latest prior to the Nov show, nomination will be via the winter dressage section of the O&DRC website.

Dressage Rules
The events will follow the BD Dressage Rule Book and O&DRC Rules below is a brief guide to the most important and basic dressage rules.

  1. Wearing a riding hat is compulsory. Covers should be black, navy or brown.  It is the rider’s responsibility to check the safety standard of the hat.
  2. White, cream or beige breeches or jodhpurs must be worn.
  3. Riders must wear a tweed jacket or a short jacket in a conservative colour such as navy, black or bottle green with a shirt and correctly tied stock or tie.
  4. Gloves must be worn. White, cream or beige are preferred.
  5. Long leather boots or jodhpur boots with matching gaiters in black or brown must be worn. Gaiter material must match boot material.
  6. Spurs may be worn; dummy spurs may also be worn.
  7. Whips may be carried up to maximum length of 30″/76cm.
  8. Saddles of English or Continental style must be worn and may be black, brown, grey or navy.  Side saddles and treeless saddles are permitted, but not Western or Arabian saddles.
  9. At intro, prelim and novice level horses must wear a snaffle bridle. For elementary to advanced level a snaffle or double bridle may be worn. Bridles must be black, brown, grey or navy.
  10. A drop, flash or cavesson noseband must be used with a snaffle bridle.
  11. Bit Guards, martingales, side reins, running reins and reins with elastic inserts are not permitted.  Neither are boots or bandages except when warming up. Breastplates and breast girths are permitted.  Neck straps are permitted at intro and prelim level, whereas balancing straps are permitted at all levels.
  12. A variety of snaffle bits may be used including; loose ring snaffle, eggbutt snaffle, racing snaffle d ring, eggbutt snaffle with cheeks, snaffle with upper cheeks, straight bar or mullen mouth snaffle, french link snaffle, hanging cheek snaffle and fulmer snaffle.
  13. Riders must follow general rules of the school when warming up.
  14. Commanders are permitted in all classes.
  15. Outside assistance by voice or signs that is designed to help a competitor may result in elimination.

An external caterer will be attending the shows for refreshments where required.

Objections must be made in writing to the Show Secretary within 30 minutes of the alleged incident together with a fee of £10.00. If the objection is upheld this fee will be refunded.

Further guidance related to our events can be found on our main website

How to book your test(s)

Organiser Contact Info
Contact: Charlie Heaven