Membership 2017

This application form allows for both renewals for existing members and for new members. Please read through the application process carefully, specifically the area concerning help out at shows. You can also choose to become a member of the Friends of Friezland Group for an extra £10.00. This is optional and is in addition to your ODRC membership fee. This additional fee will be passed to the Friezland User Group as a donation towards the maintenance of the Friezland site.

About You

*Horse Name(s):
If applicable please enter your horses show name and stable name. This ensures that we can keep an accurate record of your points in the event of both names being used inadvertantly on show entry forms.
a. Show Name (The name to appear on score sheets & trophies).
b. Stable Name

Please select your membership type, if you wish to become a member of the Friends of Friezland Group then select membership type plus FoF, i.e. Senior Member and FoF

Junior members must be between 15-17 years old (see our Competition Rule (16) concerning Junior Members) and you must ensure the following sections are completed.

Photographer Consent 
I the parent/guardian/carer of the Junior applying for membership give consent to being photographed or videoed during their involvement in equestrian activities under ODRC stated rules and conditions.

Team Events
The Club likes to enter teams of different abilities at a range of events. If you would be interested in finding out more and participating in team events, please tick below.

HELP AT SHOWS - To enable the Club to run events all members must help at a minimum of one show per year (either one full show day or two half days). Points will only be awarded to those members who have made themselves available to help at a show. If you are helping on a morning, you may compete on the afternoon of that day, or vice versa, provided your competing does not interfere with your ability to focus on helping the show organiser. Each show has an optimum number of helpers required, and once this level is reached, we may be in contact to rearrange your dates. Please provide your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of help days and put the dates in your diary so you don’t forget what you have agreed to do. Any forms which do not indicate a date to help will be returned (but we won’t stop you helping at more than one show!) 


Please Read Before Submitting Senior Membership - I am aged 18 years or over and agree to abide by the rules of O&DRC including helping out at a minimum of one full day each year. I do not object to data relating to me being held by Oldham and District Riding Club and I agree that this data may be disclosed to the British Horse Society. I agree that I will be contacted via email in order to receive information about club activities.
Junior membership – Junior membership – This must be signed off by a legal guardian/parent or carer. I agree to abide by the rules of O&DRC including helping out at a minimum of one show each year. I understand that I must have a responsible adult with me at all times when am at an O&DRC event.

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