Please could we remind everyone that when you are completing your membership application, you need to identify 3 alternative choices of dates when you are able to offer a help day(s) at one of our events in the season. This is easy to do as all the options are available on a drop down menu at the time of completing the application form online, or are listed on the paper form.

Helpers are essential in order for us to run as many shows and events as we can, and if everyone helps a little bit, it makes it so much easier for everyone.

If no help day choices are selected – then memberships will not be completed. No membership card will be sent out and names will not be forwarded to the BRC for registration and insurance purposes. Nor will you be eligible to be awarded trophies at our end of year prevention night.

Will anyone who hasn’t received a membership card since completing their form please get in touch with Cath Calvert at or on 07970849477 . It may be that you haven’t selected any choices and Cath is hanging on to your card and number!!

Many thanks for your cooperation.