• Summer Dressage Show 30/06/19

Summer Dressage Information and Rules

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Date: Sun 30th June 2019
Venue: Friezland Arena
The show is a Qualifier for: The Sunshine Tour, Cricklands, Sheepgate & Crow Wood. (see ODRC website for details)
Contact: Heather Howe 07990 068832 or dressage@odrc.co.uk
Entries: Closing date is the Monday preceding the show.
Entry fees for tests: £10 members (includes PC, NLG, BRC – proof of membership required) £12 non-members.
Times: Available Friday preceding show.
Tel: 07990 068832 between 7 and 9pm, or visit www.odrc.co.uk 

Fundraising Best Turned Out classes: £3, to be judged on overall impression and appearance.

Online entries only to be received before the closing date. (If you have difficulty with on line entries please contact the organiser well in advance of the show you wish to enter.)

1. Beginners Intro Restricted (R) class is a walk and trot test and is for riders in their first ever season of dressage, NOT young horses or new combinations. The latter must enter the Intro Open (O) class. Those entering the Beginners Intro Restricted class cannot enter any other class. You can only enter either R or O but not both unless you enter one as HC.
2. The Senior Prelim (Restricted) is for the rider no longer eligible for the Beginners Intro (R) class but not yet ready to compete at Novice.  Anyone entering the Prelim (Restricted) class cannot enter any other higher class. The Prelim (Open) is for those also entering a Novice class.
3. If there are insufficient entries for the Medium class we reserve the right to withdraw the class. Check when ringing for times.
4. It is the competitor’s own responsibility to obtain copies of the dressage tests from British Dressage. See www.britishdressage.co.uk.
5. If the horse and rider partnership has affiliated dressage points they may not enter a class if they have more than 15 points at the level above or higher.  E.g. they may not enter a Prelim class if they have more than 15 points at Novice level or higher.
6.See rule 28 for age of junior competitors.
7. No refunds for dressage entries will be made for withdrawals after the closing date.  For withdrawals before the closing date the entry can be carried forward to a subsequent show or the entry fee refunded.
8.We can only accept 70 entries per show day. Entries received above this level will be put on a waiting list for withdrawals.
9. Best Turned Out Fun Classes: Classes 3, 6, 8 and 11 are fun classes to raise funds for good causes.Ask at Secretary’s Tent for details of the day’s good cause.
10. In the case of marked lameness the judge will inform the rider that she is eliminated. There is no appeal against the decision. If there are any doubts as to the horse’s soundness the competitor will be allowed to complete the test and any unevenness of pace severely penalised. (British Dressage Rule 167)
11. We may be able to provide a reader for your test. You can indicate on your entry form that you would like one on the understanding that there may not be anyone available on the day. Be aware that, if there is a reader available, it might not be possible for them to read Elementary of Medium tests.

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Summer Dressage Show 30/06/19

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