Dressage Points

How it works
You can view your points per class over the three shows via the table below, if you can’t see your name you can find it either by entering your name in the search box or drop the whole table done by selecting number of rows to view.

Points gained during the three shows will appear under the respective class, i.e. like this, 4|5|4.

The top two column is used to calculate overall points winner at season end, we take your top two totals from two classes.

If you need to see how the points match up with the show results visit the show results page, if you need an explanation as to how points are calculated visit the points calculation page.

NameHorseIntro RIntro OPrelim RPrelim JPrelim SNoviceElementaryMediumTotalTop Two Classes
Elizabeth KershawBreaffy Beauty | Boo0000220044
Mark PriorFiddlers Green Spike | Spike000078001515
Hannah Healey-Griffiths (Jnr)Andy000802001010
Minda WigleyClaude000007501212
Minda WigleyChamp028000001010
Lesley McNallyCharlotte2000000022
Amber HulleyFlyer | Fly0000020022
Sandra Thomas-ColesBrimmycroft Farm | Bindi0200000022
Sarah WilkinsonChloe0270000099
Peter WilkinsonBiggins0700000067
Janet ShawPainted Dreamer | Buddy000006701313
Chantelle StathamVal8000000088
Jess HydeTroy III | Rory0000008088
Wendy BroadbentKirklees Geraint | Rowan0200000022
Louise GriffithsSpice0000400044
Deborah BarhamDudley000082001010
Kirsty FieldingCurraghgalla Fourstar | Spirit0050000055
Kath WildPendan Commanche | Spider0000020022
Hayley BakerOneida Evening Star | Cola000005681914
Cath HughesSparky0000020022
Tracey ShawSquires Offer | Alan2000000022
Emma RossCapall Dorcher | Harry0200000022
Lauren JacksonRoman0000620088
Richard BlenkinsopBlacko Badgers Den | Badger2000000022
Heidi Newton (Isard)Buxton Lad | J0200000022
Heidi IsardOliver Twist | Ollie0000000000
Helana TyrrellBertie0800000087
Abigail AthertonOrpen\'arry0060000066
Kim BirdMcAndrews Choice | Aero0200000022
Helana TyrrellGeorge0000500055
Helen JohnsonHumphrey0200000022