Calculating Points

All O&DRC members in all classes (except at the Members Only Novice and ODE Show) are eligible for points towards the year-end championships. The championship points are awarded as indicated in the table.

Points will be calculated for each rider/horse partnership separately, so that riders who enter more than one horse will not have an unfair advantage over those entering only one horse.

At season end points calculated will only be awarded to those members who have made themselves available to help at a show as per the condition of membership.

Every year trophies are awarded at Presentation Night to the Points winners of each of the disciplines carried out in the shows. Team members also receive rosettes at Presentation Night.

Position in class Points awarded Total points gained
First placed member 6 points + 2 for entering 8 points
Second placed member 5 points + 2 for entering 7 points
Third placed member 4 points + 2 for entering 6 points
Fourth placed member 3 points + 2 for entering 5 points
Fifth placed member 2 points + 2 for entering 4 points
Sixth placed member 1 points + 2 for entering 3 points
All other unplaced members 2 for entering 2 points

Example: 8 points to the highest placed member means that if the only member placed in that class came 6th, then they get 8 points. Similarly, if O&DRC members came 2nd, 4th and 6th, they get 8, 7 and 6 points respectively because the highest placed member (2nd) gets 8, the second highest placed member (4th) gets 7, and the third highest placed member (6th) gets 6.

Overall points champion is calculated by taking the top two scores from each discipline.