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We are a small friendly club affiliated to the British Riding Clubs movement and we welcome anyone who wants to enjoy being with their horse through participating in everything equestrian.

Our showground is situated at the Friezland Arena in Greenfield, Oldham.
Each year we hold three shows in each of the five disciplines of Dressage, Showjumping, Combined Training, Ridden & In Hand Showing and Working Hunter.

Our 2017 show schedule will be available both online and via paperback shortly.

We invite new and existing members to join the club, you can do this quick and easily online by  following this link 

Latest News

    In-hand & ridden showing workshop & demonstration with John Lloyd Sat 26th August

    This showing evening will be held at Friezland Arena Sat 26th August between 5 -7 pm (bring your fly spray!)

    This is a wonderful opportunity for members & non members to attend an interactive demonstration with one of the Northwest's leading judges.

    Spectators will be able to soak up a wealth of knowledge and have the opportunity to interact with the judge with questions of their own.

    In-hand showing 5 - 6 pm
    Toddy will be hosting an In-hand masterclass

    We are looking for members to book in to this demonstration with their horses for immediate feedback, advice, encouragement, top tips & a sound lesson on ring craft.

    Ridden showing 6 -7 pm

    From 6-7pm Toddy will be looking for members to bring their horses for 1-2-1 tuition.

    Toddy will be supporting the entrants with how to turn their horse out, which class their horses would be suitable to enter, how to best place yourself within the ring, showing your horses 'best side & features' off to the max & guidance on individual shows.

    Members are encouraged to book in & bring their horse to either 1 or both classes for just £10 per class.

    All spectators at just £2 for the whole evening.

    Book Online Here

    Open to non members.

    Spectators pay on the evening, limited benches, but a huge grass banking (bring a blanket or a chair


    Grass Roots & Style Jumping Practice Day - Sun 13th August

    Open Training Day for Grassroots Jumping, Grassroots Dressage, Riding Test and Jump Style (jumping in morning and flatwork in afternoon)

    From 9am at Higher Grange Farm, Millcroft Lane, Delph, Oldham, OL3 5UX

    Parking: Please Note there is NOT parking at the venue, however there is parking available nearby and directions and instructions will be provided.

    Cost: £5 Members/ £8 Non Members per session (I.E. flatwork or jumping) - you can do both but this will count as two sessions.

    Max of 14 places for the day.

    Please state what level your flatwork is and/or jump heights in the area provided.

    45 minute sessions in pairs.

    Book Online Here

    Times will be allocated so please let us know if you wished to be paired with someone in particular.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner as we will pair you with someone at the same level.

    Times will be sent out on Friday 11th by 10pm .


    Flatwork Instruction with Peter Farrelly - Various Dates

    Oldham & District Riding Cub are pleased to announce that due to popular demand we are running a further series of instruction given by Peter Farrelly.

    Peter Farrelly is a highly experienced BHSI instructor and Chief Assessor who specialises in dressage; UKCC Assessor and Coach Educator.

    With a proven track record of progress with his pupils, Peter has ridden regionally and nationally. If you are looking to up your dressage skills, these are the lessons for you!

    These can be booked as single lesson dates OR as a full course.

    Availability: Members Only

    These lessons are being held at Friezland arena (OL7 3HP) on:
    19th July 4-5pm 5-6pm, 6-7pm & 7-8pm
    26th July 4-5pm 5-6pm, 6-7pm & 7-8pm
    2nd August  4-5pm  5-6pm, 6-7pm & 7-8pm

    We cannot guarantee a time as it will be on a first come first served basis, enter a preference during the booking process, we will let you know your time slot ASAP.

    ODRC members cost:
    Group lesson - 3 riders at a cost of just £15 per rider per lesson.
    Exclusive pair - book the lesson out for just 2 riders at a cost of £20 per rider per lesson. Please enter your partners name in the notes area at checkout so we know who to pair you with.

    Book Online Here

    Non members cost: 
    Group lesson - 3 riders at a cost of just £20 per rider per lesson.
    Exclusive pair - book the lesson out for just 2 riders at a cost of £25 per rider per lesson. Please enter your partners name in the notes area at checkout so we know who to pair you with.


    Style Jumping and Riding Test Competition - Sun 27th August

    This is a new event and is a fundraiser for the Friezland User Group.

    This show will have Riding Test (RT) and Style Jumping (JS) with a range of jumping heights and riding tests.

    You can choose which riding test and jumping height you do.

    Class 1- 55cm (approx. 1ft9)
    Class 2- 70cm (approx. 2ft 3)
    Class 3- 80cm (approx. 2ft 6)
    Class 4- BRC Walk/Trot Dressage Test 1 (2014) Riding time 5 mins. Download the test here
    Class 5- BRC Prelim Riding Test (2014) Riding time 5 mins. Download the test here
    Class 6- BRC Novice Riding Test (2016) Riding time 5 mins. Download the test here
    ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY - Entries will close the Wednesday prior to the event (23rd August) and times posted by 10pm Friday 25th August
    Competitors may enter more than one RT and more than one JS if they wish but the combined entry price applies only to a combined JS and RT entry
    Test may be read.
    We can provide a reader for a cost of £1.

    Book Online Here

    Members- £7 for individual class and £10 for both a RT and JS class (qualifies them for combined event awards)
    Non Members- £10 individual class and £15 for both a RT and JS class (qualifies them for combined event awards)


    Showjumping Practice over a Course

    Venue: Friezland Arena, Manchester Road, Greenfield, Oldham, OL3 7HJ
    Showjumping Practice to take place on Wednesday evenings 6pm-8pm on;
    26th July
    9th August
    23rd August
    6th September
    This is a bookable event.
    Propose that the course can be booked in a single round or block of two rounds. You may book as many rounds as you wish
    A clear round can be booked either on a 6-7pm or 7-8pm slot according to height.
    6-7pm will be up to 2’5 (73cm)
    7-8pm will be 2’6 (76cm) upwards
    First come First served basis on booking, there is limited availability across the evening.
    Booking will be made online here, you may split rounds across sessions if you so wish (eg do one round of 2’3 between 6 and 7 and one round of 2’6 between 7-8)
    It is requested you arrive before your hour slot commences to book in and write your number on the board under the relevant height you wish to jump.
    Numbers will be called forward to jump under the heights they have declared and the course raised throughout the evening.
    1 round £3
    2 rounds £5
    Non Members
    1 Round- £6
    2 Rounds- £8



    Please could we remind everyone that when you are completing your membership application, you need to identify 3 alternative choices of dates when you are able to offer a help day(s) at one of our events in the season. This is easy to do as all the options are available on a drop down menu at the time of completing the application form online, or are listed on the paper form.

    Helpers are essential in order for us to run as many shows and events as we can, and if everyone helps a little bit, it makes it so much easier for everyone.

    If no help day choices are selected - then memberships will not be completed. No membership card will be sent out and names will not be forwarded to the BRC for registration and insurance purposes. Nor will you be eligible to be awarded trophies at our end of year prevention night.

    Will anyone who hasn’t received a membership card since completing their form please get in touch with Cath Calvert at membership@odrc.co.uk or on 07970849477 . It may be that you haven’t selected any choices and Cath is hanging on to your card and number!!

    Many thanks for your cooperation.


    O&DRC Riding Hat Standards 2017

    Please be aware that all riders entering O&DRC shows must wear protective headgear that complies with the following BRC standards.

    BRC standards:

    Type 1. PAS 015: 1998 or 2011 provided they are BSI Kitemarked

    Type 2. VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kitemarked

    Type 3. ASTM F1163: 2004a or 04a provided they are BSI Kitemarked

    Type 4. SNELL E2001 - AS/NZS 3838: 2006 onwards provided they are SAI Global marked.

    Further information can be found here, 2017 BRC Hat Tagging Guide for Competitors 040117 (1)


Committee Vacancies
There open vacancies on the committee, if you are interested please contact Liz Kershaw.